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While cleopatra was born in egypt, she traced her family origins to. Josephus, ant, xiii, iv, 1 and was afterward taken from him by her father and given to demetrius nicator on the invasion of syria by the latter 1 macc 11. Cleopatra reigned with the political support of the roman leader julius caesar, with whom she had a son. Cleopatra international standard bible encyclopedia. As a member of the ptolemaic dynasty, she was a descendant of its founder ptolemy i soter, a macedonian greek general and companion of. But if you think you know everything there is to know about this influential missionary and writer of half of the new testament, think again. Shes appeared in dozens of hollywood movies and at least a bazillion books, from biographies to historical novels to science fiction. Sadly for him she was loyal to her husband and encouraged egypt to join with rome against her father. Although arguably the most famous egyptian queen, cleopatra was actually greek and a. She appears on the bible timeline chart with world history.

Click the search button below to search the entire website including all scripture translations, comments, commentary, bible dictionary, articles, and other pages. It was clear when voross book, taposiris magna, was published in 2004 that. Jan 21, 2011 cleopatra s alexandria, in contrast, was a city of dazzling luxury, beauty and culture. A vivid account of the life and times of cleopatra lively speech, gentle humour and fullcolour illustrations bring the reader closer to the action as the story unfolds. How did i not know that cleopatra is in the book of daniel. Although there were numerous cleopatras, she is the one that made the name famous. Cleopatra vii was the last and generally most wellknown of the ptolemaic rulers. Learn all there is to know about the woman who ruled ancient egypt as well as gain insights about her sacred animal companionthe catwith these 5 informative and imaginative books about cleopatra. Her father, the pharaoh of egypt, nearly died when a venomous adder. Daughter of ptolemy xii, she ruled with her two brotherhusbands, ptolemy xiii and ptolemy xiv, both of whom she had killed,and with her son ptolemy xv or caesarion 4430. As childhood was not a subject of great interest to the ancients, schiff explains, players tended to emerge fully formed into. Part of that is that i have read so many books on cleopatra. Cleopatra is one of the most famous egyptian pharaoh s in history.

Cleopatra egyptian queen, famous in history and drama as the lover of julius caesar and later as the wife of mark antony. Cleopatra was an egyptian queen who is mostly remembered for her love affairs. In spite of the lack of eyewitness descriptions of cleopatra, the question, for instance, of. Alexandria was where the hebrew bible was first translated into greek and where. Cleopatra in the bible encyclopedia isbe bible history online. This is a list of books nonfiction, and fiction, about egypts last macedonian queen. Antiochus hoped to get his way in egypt through his daughter. The name cleopatra was borne by many egyptian princesses, the first of whom was daughter of antiochus iii and was married to ptolemy v epiphanes 193 bc. The first book in the cleopatra in space series, target practice, was a florida book award winner, a yalsa great graphic novel for teens, and a yalsa quick pick. Cleopatra vii had stolen marc antony from the sister of octavian which made the defeat of marc antony a personal matter for him and his family. Charmian nay, if an oily palm be not a fruitful prognostication, i cannot scratch mine ear. Caesar and cleopatra amazing bible timeline with world history. The royal diaries by gregory, kristiana and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. A daughter of ptolemy vi philometor and of queen cleopatra, who was married first to alexander balas 150 bc 1 macc 10.

Carmela ciuraru its as though cleopatra lives and breathes once again in the pages of stacy schiffs exquisitely researched and wellwritten cleopatra. Charmian een as the oerflowing nilus presageth famine. A life, winner of the penjacqueline bograd weld award for biography. As recorded in secular history, as well as in bible prophecy, the greek and roman empires both fought against the people of the king of the. Shakespeares antony and cleopatra, based on plutarch, describes the tragic end of the queens career, and drydens all for love. Entry for cleopatra 1911 encyclopedia britannica one of 8 bible encyclopedias freely available, this resource contained over 40 million words in nearly 40,000 articles written by 1,500 respected authors. She is considered to be the last ruler of ancient egypt. Ah, we have now reached hollywoods favourite cleopatra. The queen was by birth an egyptian but the blood of her greek ancestors flowed in her veins. My favorite is i cleopatra which was published in the seventies and i really look to that book as being the gold standard of all things cleopatra. No direct matches for your keyword exist in the king james bible.

Cleopatra was a stonecold sociopath who seduced julius caesar and mark antony into doing her bidding, but never felt anything for either of them. A life i found this book to be good but not exceptional. Cleopatra vii 6930 bc egyptian queen of macedonian descent, last ruler of the ptolemaic dynasty in egypt. Dec 31, 2012 the set designs of cleopatra, elizabeth taylors classic movie. Although born in egypt, cleopatra can trace her family roots to macedonian, greece, and ptolemy i soter. Cleopatra vii ruled ancient egypt as coregent first with her father, then with her two younger brothers and finally with her son for almost three decades. Cleopatra and mark antony formed their own drinking club. Cleopatra biography amazing bible timeline with world history. As a member of the ptolemaic dynasty, she was a descendant of its founder ptolemy i soter, a macedonian greek general and companion of alexander the. Cleopatra, who reigned as queen of egypt during the 1st century b. Antony and cleopatra by william shakespeare read free book. Aug 20, 2015 cleopatra is one of the most famous egyptian pharaohs in history.

It has been partially translated into 2,883 languages. Ptolemy took over the reign of egypt after alexanders death in 323 bc, starting a family line of greekspeaking rulers that went on for about three centuries. Score a books total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it and how highly those voters ranked the book. Bible history online images and resources for biblical history. Its true that cleopatra s story has long been constructed as much of male fear as fantasy, but with cleopatra, schiff has produced a compelling and authoritative correction in its place. Cleopatra 1911 encyclopedia britannica bible encyclopedia. Her life inspired a shakespeare play and several movies. When mark thompson goes across the bridge from texas into mexico for a night of fun, he has no idea that the sexy stripper who ends up on his lap is a vampire. All kjv books old testament only new testament only apocrypha only. Long story as short as possible, marc antony killed himself after losing to him, and cleopatra vii soon followed him with the famous snake bite incident.

Act i volume iii book i 7 iras theres a palm presages chastity, if nothing else. Books about cleopatra fiction and nonfiction 57 books. May 25, 2007 cleopatra, the egyptian queen, was the mistress of king herod the great, but the king herod normally referred to in the bible was his son who ruled over the area of gallilee sp. The portrayal of cleopatra in historical fiction the mad. She was also the last ruler of the ptolemaic kingdom of egypt. Cleopatra vii philopator was the last active ruler of the ptolemaic kingdom of egypt. Feb 01, 2004 free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by project gutenberg. Daughter of the nile, says, as a kid studying world history in fifth grade, my image of cleopatra was that she wore beautiful clothes and jewels and probably spent her days floating down the river on a fancy boat.

List of books and articles about cleopatra online research. Top 10 amazing and fascinating facts about cleopatra vii. Ive read commentaries on daniel before and they contain. When not serving as a rorschach test of male fixations, cleopatra is an. Mike lives in lutz, florida, with his his wife, two boys, and one ornery siamese cat.

Her father ptolemy xii auletes allowed her to rule with him when he was alive and after his death he had her marry her brothers ptolemy xiii and ptolemy vix. The bible continues the apostle paul has been the subject of movies, books, and too many sermons and sunday school lessons to count. Ad takes a look at the set design from the epic 1963 film, which has been newly remastered and rereleased in honor of its 50th. This is about antiochus iii who made peace with egypt in 197 bc and married his daughter cleopatra to ptolemy v. As queen of ancient egypt, cleopatra is one of the most famous female rulers in history. The book opens with the lines, the story of cleopatra is a story of crime and frankly speaks of the incestuous practices that existed in ancient egypt. Cleopatra the evil, ruthless witch who seduced men to save her own skin. Cleopatra, last great name of the ptolemaic dynasty of alexandria, was a macedonian princess, cultured, brilliant, and one of the most dynamic women of the ancient world. Highly commended in the longman history today new generation book award.

In the first volume of oxfords series women in antiquity, historian and archeologist roller through the pillars of herakles, professor emeritus at ohio state university, debunks the myth of cleopatra 6930 b. The stories surrounding cleopatras tragic life inspired. Franklin, france, and the birth of america, winner of the george washington book prize and the ambassador book award. Cleopatra biography amazing bible timeline with world. In this major biography, duane roller reveals that cleopatra was in fact a learned and visionary leader whose overarching goal was always the preservation of her dynasty and kingdom. I dont believe cleopatra was ever mentioned in the bible. Movies, books, television shows, and plays have been produced about her life and she is. The full bible has been translated into 532 languages. Apr 01, 2010 few personalities from classical antiquity are more famousyet more poorly understoodthan cleopatra vii, queen of egypt. The accusation that antony had stolen books from the library of pergamum to.

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