Wisecracker of the greasers vs the socs

The greasers this picture symbolizes where the two gangs are from east. Socs greasers the blackhandled switchblade the black handled switch blade represents the greasers. She believes that the greasers are far more emotionally sensitive. To keep up in their life they have to lock their emotions up inside until they are numb to their effects. Use pdf export for high quality prints and svg export for large sharp images or embed your diagrams anywhere with the creately viewer. Conflict i nternal conflict refers to a characters. In the outsiders, how do the greasers and socs dress. Twobit does not like the socs because he does not think they play fair. In the drive in dally and cherry didnt get along very well. Hinton to engage your students in exploring the similarities and differences between the socs and greasers.

He is famous for shoplifting everything he can, including. You can edit this template and create your own diagram. Hinton wrote the book when she was only 17 as a commentary on what she saw in her high school years. Hinton was 15 when she started writing the novel but did most of the work when she was 16 and a junior in high school. The socs used their status to hide the fact that pony or was it johnnys murder of the soc was self defense because the boy was drowning one or the other heres where i get confused. How do the greasers and socs get along in chapter 1. Compare and contrast between the socs and greasers in the. What are twobits personality traits and physical characteristics. The outsiders how do the greasers compare to gangs. My friends describe me as outgoing, cool, and mean. He is the oldest member of the the greaser gang, and the wisecracker of the bunch. Wisecracker definition of wisecracker by the free dictionary. Socs vs greasers compare and contrast the outsiders help. The narrator of i the outsiders, ponyboy is fourteen years old and a greaser.

No, the greasers dont smoke, they dont live in junky trailer parks together, and the socs dont throw beer lasts and beat greasers up, yet. The greasers and socs live on separate areas of town divided by some railroad tracks. There was a competition held between the socs and the greasers where we had to complete many tasks. Ponyboy, the narrator, is a 14yearold boy who happens to come from a. In the outsiders, darry is the greaser who is closest to being a soc. This is intended for use after chapter 9 10, but could be used at any point in the novel. She sees the socs, on the other hand, as a group who are. Their rivals, the socials, better known as the socs, are rich kids.

Class for them was much harder, they had less social advantages, and they frowned down on from all other people in the class. In chapter 1, hinton illustrates the differences between the socs and the greasers from ponyboys point of view. Who is the wisecracker greaser in the outsiders answers. He and the other greasers cheer and cry out in victory as the socs flee, and he and. What does cherry explain as the difference between the socs and the greasers. The greasers always have so much grease in their hair and the socs dont. Compare and contrast between the socs and greasers free. They live in the poorer part of town, they dont wear expensive clothing, theyre rough around the edges, theyre associated with engaging in more criminal activities. What does wisecracker mean in the outsiders answers. Greasers wear blue jeans and tshirts, leather jackets, and sneakers or boots.

Unlike the socs, the greasers are too emotional, they take everything serious. When the greasers and socs gather in a park it turns ugly with an all out fight breaking out. We see that ponyboy identifies himself as a greaser in the opening paragraph of the novel. The greasers wanted to push the socs out of their territory and park. But the main ideas of the two words, popularity and status, tie in with my life. The socs got off easy and the greasers had to do things the harder way. Despite the fact that the greasers faced such poor treatment, johnny and pony risked their lives to save children from a burning school, without regard for the.

Style is an important distinction between greasers and socs. Ponyboy curtis, the youngest member of the greasers, narrates the novel. Or in ponyboys language the socs versus the greasers. Johnnys back was broken, he was in shock, and hed suffered from thirddegree burns. On, edit images, videos and 360 photos in one place.

The outsiders is a novel about a young mans struggle to survive in a world filled with gangs, violence, and poverty. And the reasoning for this was because they were known as hoods and dressed as. The narrator of ithe outsiders, ponyboy is fourteen years old and a greaser. A scene taken straight from rob lowes new york times bestselling memoir, stories i only tell my friends, a wryly funny and surprisingly moving account of an extraordinary life lived almost entirely in the public eye. Greasers and socs sleepover, an outsiders fanfic fanfiction. He is very quiet at times, and he was recently beat up badly by a couple members of the socs gang. Love, affection, and loyalty in the outsiders cool dudes. They stick together because they are not liked by society society looks down on them. The lesson behind the story is that everybody has problems, whether they are rich or poor. On one side we have the socs, the socs are from the good side of the town, they are. He liked it so much that he seemed to be more upset over losing the blade than. I cant stop making funny remarks or jokes all of the time. They remember the feeling of anger the hit the weak ones in the society.

The socs the socs are just west side rich kids with to much money to spend. The greasers have very little in the way of money or possessions. He cant stop making funny remarks, and he believes that life is one big joke. The book details the conflict between two rival gangs divided by their socioeconomic status.

What are the character traits of the greasers and socs. The socs have social clubs, while the greasers have gangs. The socs are depicted as teenagers who wear preppy clothes and drive nice cars, and the greasers wear leather jackets and grease their hair with pomade. It is when an individual is attacked and beaten up, usually for the purpose of robbery. Were reading the outsiders in class right now, and my bff cam u. The greasers are different from the socs in other ways than being poorer though. Compare and contrast between the socs and greasers in the outsider essay example for free newyorkessays database with more than 65000 college essays for studying. In the outsiders by hinton, twobit keith mathews, who is part of a greaser. Twobit matthews 20, wisecracker of the bunch steve randall 17, sodas best friend, works parttime at gas station johnny cade 16, beaten up by socs before beginning of novel, idolizes dally.

What are twobits reasons for fighting in the outsiders. He has lightbrown, almostred hair and greenishgray eyes, and wears his hair longer than a lot of boys wear theirs, squared off in the back and long at the front and sides. Since greasers had more of a bad boy image, one might conclude that others in the community could have been afraid of them. The greasers however were treated in no such manner. Published july 4, 20 updated july 4, 20 july 4, 20 3,705 takers. One of the most important things for the greasers is loyalty, often the only family. They have long, greased hair and leave their shirttails. Twobit mathews keith, one of the oldest members in the greaser gang, is a wisecracker. They gang up on greasers, and they bring weapons to fights. Not like the socs, who jump greasers and wreck houses and throw beer blasts for kicks, and get editorials in the paper for being a public disgrace one day and an asset to society the next. Though only fourteen years old, he understands the way his social group functions and the role each group member plays. These three socs were the only socs in all of tulsa to actually care and like the greasers.

The warfare between the greasers and the socs grows out of. Twobit is very proud of the switch blade that he stole from a store. In socs and greasers, lowe tells us what it was like to work on the set of the outsiders, a film that helped launch the careers of many of todays biggest stars, including tom. They get away with things due to their money society thinks highly of them. The word mugged means the same in the movie the outsiders as it does anywhere else. E hinton to very different types of people fighting for something nobody really knows what for, but im pretty sure that theyre fighting just to fight, fighting to win, fight for glory. In socs and greasers, lowe tells us what it was like to work on the set of the outsiders, a film that helped launch the careers of many of todays biggest stars, including tom cruise, patrick swayze, matt dillon, emilio estevez, ralph macchio, c. Greasers from the story poetry by thestorygirl2405 alex with 718 reads. Are the socs a bigger disgrace and menace to society than. Twobit is the oldest of the gang and the wisecracker of the bunch, and his nickname comes from the fact. The stereotypes of eastside greasers as lowclass criminals and westside socs as spoiledrotten, rich kids with no empathy for others are challenged in the novel the outsiders as s. Now, the words i use to describe my live as i know it, socs and greasers, may be a little dramatic. They jump on the greasers and just start hitting them and terrorizing them.

In the 1950s when greasers were first introduced society looked down upon them. Cherry expresses that the greasers have a different set of values. Ponyboy theorizes on the motivations and personalities of his friends and describes events in a slangy, youthful voice. They are so close because they dont have the ideal parents and they look out for each other. The outsiders characters, and stereotypes flashcards quizlet. Creately diagrams can be exported and added to word, ppt powerpoint, excel, visio or any other document. What is the difference between the socs and the greasers. Im not sure how you spell it, but its the abbreviation for the socials, the jet set, the westside rich kids. Both the socs and greasers have troubles, get in fights, and have unique individuals within the. Twobit mathews was the oldest of the gang and the wisecracker of the bunch.

When they get in trouble, which they do very often, they always have each others back. He sees that twobit is the wisecracker, darry the natural leader, and dally the. Well, that is if youre in the curtiss greasers gang, meaning that you were either ponyboy, sodapop, or darry curtis, or you could also be steve randle, kitten andrews, twobit. The greasers are on the east side and overall have a messier apperance. She thinks that the socs are fake really she says that there raw like they dont tell others how they feel they act like they have everything where as the greasers do care about each others feelings an lets them be known, greasers are also like family they take up for each other. Its one of the millions of unique, usergenerated 3d experiences created on roblox. The socs arent united like the greasers they talk about each other and dont have each others back but they both share problems. Ponyboy and his poor group of friends are collectively known as the greasers. Why were the greasers and socs planning a rumble for the next night. Descriptions of the characters and stereotypes of the two social classes from the book. At home, his dad beats him, and his mother ignores him, so he ends up sleeping in parks.

Greasers are more genuine and open with their emotions than the socs. My friends are bob, kayla, tori, jeremy, mariza, and breven. There is the social club, and the street, and never can the two cross. In the outsiders, what does cherry think the difference is. Greasers were not known for having the best and most positive attitude.

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