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The second winding is the tickler winding that connects back to the plate of the 12af6. Double triode, 6h8c datasheet, 6h8c circuit, 6h8c data sheet. By keywords home vacuum tubes other tubes 6f12p tube. The 12af6 released in 1955 is an amplifier pentode for use in car radios.

Substitutes are given as a guide only please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. The 12at6 is a double diode triode for receiver applications. Data from or other sources as supplied by john atwood. This is done in case of equal tube type numbers for different tubes. Rca homeentertainment and industrial receivingtype tubes and on picture tubes.

Leftmargin links to tube data are to the wonderful nj7p tube data site. The tube list at esrc1 vacuum tubes is very extensive, as is our inventory of vacuum tubes, grid caps, sockets, valves and capacitors. Create new file creates a new data file with the default set of accounts and categories. Search the worlds most comprehensive index of fulltext books. Iap support the users to upgrade the program and data in system. Below is a list of all the spacecharge tubes that i have discovered. If you use a larger gauge wire, you will also need more turns. Vacuum tube 1u4, pentode miniature, filamentary, sharpcutoff pentode intended for radio frequency or. As of 3505, i have finished scanning the general section, receiving tubes part 1, receiving tubes part 2, miscellaneous, specialpurpose receivingtype tubes, thyratron, ignitron, and glowdischarge tubes, and most of the transmitting tubes, as well as all. Near equivalent to the ecf80 different connections. Antique radio forums view topic transistor regenerative. Herein you will find a collection of vintage engineering texts, vacuum tube datasheets, and other obsolete information, presented free of charge and without annoying advertisements. Tube 12bf6 or rohre 12bf6 id3892, double diodetriode, miniatur7pinbase b7g, usa 1940 and shown. For other taylor tubes, see the entire 1945 taylor tube catalog in pdf format note, 1.

I am working on scanning and placing on this page the entire rca hb3 tube manual. Tube 12au6 or rohre 12au6 id1069, vacuum pentode, miniatur7pinbase b7g, usa 1940 and rfifstage shown. The 12af6 is a miniature pentode intended for use as a radiofrequency or intermediatefrequency amplifier in automobile radio receivers. Nos tube specification sheet nos tube specification sheet. Others may exist, especially from nonnorth american sources. Open existing file select this option if you have already created a moneydance data file, including in any earlier versions of the software. Follow the links on the left to find the tubes, valves, sockets, grid caps, and capacitors for your antique radio, ham radio, hifi stereo, or other electronic piece. The stc12c5620ad retains all features of the standard 80c51.

Vacuum tube, vintage radio and other electronics information. Iap means that the device can write nonvalatile data in flash memory while the application program is running. Please see the substitutes at the top of the page for more details. The underscore and these letters are not part of the tube type number. Stc12c5620ad series mcu stc12le5620ad series mcu data sheet. In electronics, a vacuum tube, electron tube in north america, tube, or thermionic valve or valve in british english is a device controlling electric current through a vacuum in a sealed container. A first course in design and analysis of experiments gary w. The radio in question is an oldstyle regen using a single 12af6 pentode.

The 12af6 is a miniature pentode intended for use as a radio frequency or intermediate. Thanks to frank philipse for supplying the above pdf datasheet. Data presented include those characteristics and ratings essential to fast, efficient. The thin glass tube envelope is 18 mm in diameter, and excluding the b7g base pins is 48 mm tall. Bold designators are close or identical, italic designators are different ratings, different pinouts or different filament voltages. An original circuit the schematic is present in a crisp pdf and beautiful. The simplest vacuum tube, the diode, contains only two elements. Our preferred method of payment is via wire transfer of funds. For example, i built the 3v4 bcb receiver from harry zarchys kidhobby book using electronics. Isp allows the user to download new code without removing the microcontroller from the actual end product. Use a transistor radio 9 volt battery for power and away you go. Power tube selection charts for highpower audioamplifiers eimac,rcapage 1, rca page 2. Vacuum tube 12af6, pentode antique electronic supply.

This is a suitable replacement for any 5894 tube type. Source filament or cathode of tube gate control grid of tube drain plate of tube. Tube 12at6 or rohre 12at6 id2948, double diodetriode, miniatur7pinbase b7g, usa 1940 and audio frequency shown. The cathode tube extends above the triode structure and two bright metal straps can be seen in the picture, these are formed into 2 mm squares at the top of each strap. Simplyuse an enhancement mode fet as you would a triode tube.

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